Детская книга Ladybird lift-the-flap book: Busy Zoo

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Ladybird (Author)
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All busy toddlers will love exploring this bright lift-the-flap board book from Ladybird. Looking at the pictures together and talking about what is happening will help your child to develop observation and early language skills.

Follow Keeper Katie as she works in the busy zoo. From scrubbing the elephants to feeding the penguins, there is always so much for a busy zookeeper to do.

With simple rhyming text, robust flaps to lift (up to four per page!), labelled pictures and a ladybird to spot on every page, there is plenty to keep young children entertained, too!

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ISBN 9781409308553
Издательство Ladybird Books Ltd
Страна регистрации издательства Великобритания
Возраст ребёнка 0+
Вид литературы Обучение и развитие
Переплёт (обложка) Твердый
Бумага Картон
Иллюстрации Цветные
Год 2011
Количество страниц 12
Язык Английский


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