DK Pirates Ultimate Factivity Collection

  • DK Pirates Ultimate Factivity Collection

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Dorling Kindersley
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In DK's unique Ultimate Factivity Collection Pirates kids explore the world of pirates with the ultimate blend of facts and fun. Get to know the salty swashbucklers who once terrorised the oceans. Perfect for keeping little hands busy during rainy days or holidays, Ultimate Factivity Collection Pirates is packed with amazing facts and fun activities based on the high seas. You'll draw your own desert island, design fearsome flags, and discover gruesome pirate illnesses. From colouring and drawing to puzzles and stickers, Ultimate Factivity Collection Pirates is a great way to learn while having fun - all you need is a pencil.
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ISBN 9780241273104
Издательство DK Children
Страна регистрации издательства Великобритания
Возраст ребёнка / Уровень 5+
Вид литературы Ultimate Factivity Books
Переплёт (обложка) Мягкий
Бумага Мелованная
Иллюстрации Цветные
Год 2017
Количество страниц 96
Язык Английский


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