DK My First Opposites

  • DK My First Opposites

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Dorling Kindersley
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The ideal first book to introduce opposites to toddlers, My First Opposites is packed with colourful images to help build the foundation of early learning. With colourful, bright pictures of lots of different opposites alongside clear word-labels your little one will discover big and small, long and short, open and closed and many more opposites. My First Opposites keeps early learning simple and fun for your little one. Perfect for encouraging children to build vocabulary and language skills, My First Opposites helps toddlers grasp early concepts. Your little one will love discovering all the opposites while holding the chunky pages of this board book. Read it together and help them turn the pages and learn all about opposites.
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ISBN 9780241281529
Издательство DK Children
Страна регистрации издательства Великобритания
Возраст ребёнка / Уровень 0+
Вид литературы My First
Переплёт (обложка) Картон
Бумага Картон
Иллюстрации Цветные
Год 2017
Количество страниц 36
Язык Английский


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